Custom Glass Design
& Installation

Custom & Unique Designs

Because we love creating unique designs that beautifully integrate with your home or business, we spend time with you in your environment to provide you with an array of design choices. Whether you’re building your dream home or modifying your existing one, we combine your goals with our artistic point of view and extensive experience. The results are design choices you can’t resist and a beautiful work of art that adds value to your home.

Glass Railing Solution Monterey
Glass Patio Enclosure Monterey

Glass Patio Enclosures

We can help bring the outdoors in by designing a custom glass patio enclosure that adds value to your home and creates a relaxing space. Whether you prefer a contemporary or traditional approach, we’ll work with you to design an elegant glass patio enclosure that allows you to enjoy the landscape and spectacular views near your home.

Glass Railing Systems

Don’t want to miss a minute of that beautiful sunset over the ocean? You’ll never miss a minute of it again when we design and install a glass railing system outside your home that not only allows you to soak in every aspect of your view but also makes your patio more comfortable and safe by shielding you and your guests from the wind.

glass stair railing

Glass Stair Railing Systems

Keep your little ones or animals safe by installing a glass railing system indoors or outdoors. Maintain every inch of any views you don’t want miss by using glass railings with a variety of other outdoor materials, while keeping everyone on your property safe.

Unique Glass Work Monterey

Custom Unique Glass Work

Do you have a unique or special project in mind? Icon Glass specializes in custom unique glass work and can help bring your vision to life. From concept to completion, we will help design the glass to fit your needs and custom project.

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